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  • Neurosurgery- Spinal Fractures and Luxation, Herniated Disks
  • Orthopedics- Fracture Repair, TPLO, Patella Luxation, Joint and Ligament Repair, Bone Grafting
  • Head and Neck- Total Ear Canal Ablation, VBO, Nasal Surgery, Tracheal Stents, Maxillectomy/Mandibulectomy
  • Abdominal- Splenectomy, Gastric Dilation, Adrenalectomy, Bowel Obstruction, Cholecystectomy, Stents
  • Reconstructive- Skin Grafting, Skin Flaps, Wound Repair, Vacuum Suction Wound Closure
  • Urogenital- Urethral Stents, Cystotomy, Cystectomy, P/U, Scrotal Urethrostomy, Nephrectomy, Ectopic Ureter
  • Vascular- PSS, PDA, PRAA
  • Thoracic- Pericardial Window, Pace Maker, Sternotomy, Thoracotomy, Chylothorax, Flail Chest
  • Soft tissue surgery - Anal Gland Resection, Perineal Hernia Repair, Thyroidectomy, Salivary Gland Resection
  • Respiratory/Airway- Soft Palate Resection, Saccuole Resection, Laryngeal Paralysis, Tonsilectomy, Nares Revision
  • General Surgery

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